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How Love is Made by Stuart French and Anastasia Bukhinina

How Love is Made by Stuart French and Anastasia Bukhinina

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Why Should I Like It?

The Short Reason

What is love? • adventure • Beautiful illustrations

The Longer Reason 

What is love? And whatever does it mean when we share our love for others?

Two hedgehogs wonder exactly this as they disappear into the most curious corners of the world, finding not only their sense of adventure...

But exactly how love is made.

An excerpt from the story

 One day you will ask me what is this love I speak of so, 

You'll do so with your candour, your whimsical overtones.


One day you will feel the burden of love and fold gently between its throes,

You'll do so to remind me that true love never comes and goes.


My love it wandered through these words, it shared its rawest tones,

It served to remind me that to love is to never feel alone. 

Ethicool books are printed on FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) and/or recycled papers, using soy-based inks

Age: 3-7

Format: Paperback

Publication date: 2022

Publisher: Ethicool

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