About Us

I'm Anna, and I love books.

Be Curious Books was born out of my love for incredible children’s books.  I wanted to create a space where I could showcase these beloved books and share them with fellow bookworms like you.

It brings me immense joy to connect readers with the stories that have sparked my imagination. 

As a mum of two kids and a fur baby, and with my background as a qualified librarian (Master of Information Studies) and seasoned bookseller, my life has revolved around the wonderful world of books. Countless hours have been devoted to reading and collecting literary treasures. I only offer books that I wholeheartedly believe in.

My ultimate mission is to ignite a lifelong love affair with reading in our little ones, carrying them into a future filled with boundless imagination and knowledge. So, join me on this incredible journey at Be Curious Books, where my expertise, combined with the joy of being a mum and a book enthusiast, intertwines to bring you a carefully curated selection that I hope will captivate and inspire. Let's embark on this book-filled adventure together!