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Frozen Mountain: Spin to Survive by Emily Hawkins

Frozen Mountain: Spin to Survive by Emily Hawkins

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Frozen Mountain by Emily Hawkins

Take your chances with the pop-out fortune spinner in the adventure-filled game book, Frozen Mountain. Ready for a dangerous adventure? Grab this game-in-a-book and use the pop-out Survival Spinner to determine your fate as you face peril after peril in a wild, rugged landscape.

The Adventure: You're lost in the mountains after an emergency landing. Among the snowy peaks, you're at risk of hypothermia, avalanches, and hidden crevasses. Your backpack contains essentials: a sleeping bag, thermal roll-mat, water bottle, nuts, waterproof matches, binoculars, a camera, a first aid kit, and an old survival journal from your grandfather.

The Challenge: As you confront each life-threatening challenge, place the Survival Spinner on a circle on your current page and spin. Will you survive, be injured, or meet a dire end? Turn to the corresponding page to find out your fate. Along the way, you'll learn real-life survival techniques, including how to:

  • Make a snow shelter
  • Build a fire
  • Survive a bear attack
  • Treat a wound
  • Navigate using the sun and moon
  • Cross a frozen lake

Real-Life Inspiration: Harrowing tales of wilderness survivors offer glimmers of hope as you navigate the consequences of your choices. One bad decision could lead to disaster, but with every spin, you'll uncover tips and stories that could make all the difference.

The Series: Frozen Mountain is the debut book in the exhilarating Spin to Survive series. Discover real-life survival tips and stories as you navigate your own perilous journey through the wilderness, guided by your decisions and the removable Survival Spinner. Have you got what it takes to survive?

Dive into the adventure and find out!


Dimensions: 2.2 x 28.8 x 34.6



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