Our Top Picks For The Latest New Release Children’s Books Early 2022

Our Top Picks For The Latest New Release Children’s Books Early 2022

We are so looking forward to some of the new release children's books this year. There are some very exciting titles coming out, and we can't wait. 

As is always the case at Be Curious Books, these are books you won't find everywhere.  This list is a snapshot of some of the incredible books released worldwide. Mainstream Australian bookstores only carry a fraction of what is available globally. 

Our aim at Be Curious Books is to showcase a different point of view, to encourage our kids to read widely and broadly. To become global citizens. Most of all, we want to put incredible stories into little hands.

Many of these titles will be featured in our subscription boxes in the coming months. 

Picture Books 

Shadow and the Girl by Jeanette Stampone, illustrated by Demelsa Haughton

March 2022

Red Paper Kite 

The illustrations in this book are exquisite, combined with a beautiful story.

A giant girl towers over Shadow

Driven by fear, Shadow runs

And so does the girl.

But can they really run from each other?

A fast-paced story that leads to a heartwarming ending. This book encourages children to embrace their own shadow and gain self-confidence. 

Red Paper Kite is a small, independent Australian publisher with impressive publications. This book may be a special treat for our Explorer's Book Club subscribers. Keep watch.

Out of the Jar by Deborah Marcero 

May 2022

This is the much anticipated follow up to the best selling book "In a Jar."

Llewellyn doesn't like to feel big feelings, so he bottles all of his emotions into jars. Soon his jars are out of control, and he must let them out and experience all of the feelings. Once he learns to embrace his emotions, he can let them go.

This story is perfect for educating children on emotions and feelings and at the same time entertaining. 

Climb On by Baptiste Paul, illustrated by Jacqueline Alcántara

March 2022

This father and daughter adventure is sure to inspire you to get outside. 

When a young child reminds her dad about the hike they planned, her father is hesitant —To the tippy top? It's a great day to watch futbol (soccer). But as the two climb on, her enthusiasm is contagious. Filled with setbacks, surprises, and stunning views, this warm and humorous story highlights in vivid colours the bonding power of a shared experience. 

To add to the story, there is a list at the back to search for in the book, and Creole words are interspersed through the narrative. 

Once Upon a Fairytale by Natalia O'Hara, Illustrated by Lauren O'Hara

June 2022

I am a massive fan of the O'Hara Sisters' work and stories. Their previous books, "Frindleswylde", "The Bandit Queen" (you can find it here) and "Hortense and the Shadow" are not only visually spectacular, but the stories are also unique, fun and delightfully entertaining. 

Once Upon A Fairytale is a "Choose your own adventure" story where children can immerse themselves into the tale and play along—feasting with fairies, riding a unicorn or becoming a gentle knight or a curious gingerbread man. So much fun to be had with this one. I can't wait. 

Early Readers (Ages 6-8)

Mr Wolf's Class #5 Snow Days by Aron Nels Steinke

April 2022

If you are a regular follower of Be Curious Books, you will know how much we love this series. It is perfect for all types of readers and is especially loved by reluctant readers because of its graphic novel format. 

Mr Wolf's Class books are highly entertaining, funny and have an inclusive cast of characters. 

It's snowing, and there's excitement in the air at Hazelwood Elementary because the school day might end early. Students and teachers alike are looking forward to seeing what happens! Meanwhile, Abdi is distracted and worried because his brother is having surgery. He's supposed to go home with Henry, but when the two miss the bus, they end up having an unexpected adventure with Mr Wolf.

If you haven't read this series, then you are missing out. You can pre-order Snow Day here. 


Big Sky Mountain: The Forest Wolves by Alex Milway   

March 2022

The second book in the Big Sky Mountain series and continues the stories of Rosa and Grandma Nan. 

Rosa and Grandma Nan are busy building a bigger cabin when a storm strikes, and a host of animals descend for shelter. There is one unexpected visitor: a tiny wolf cub. This little wolf doesn't seem like the scary, giant-fanged forest wolves that Rosa has heard about. Can they get the wolf cub to be a part of their pack?

This is due to be a four-part book series. The first book was much loved by critics and kids alike. 

Middle Grade Reads (Ages 9-12)

The Secret of Glendunny by Kathryn Lasky

March 2022

Newbery Honor-winning Kathryn Lasky, author of the bestselling Guardians of Ga'Hoole and Bears of Ice series. In this sweeping middle-grade animal adventure set in the wilds of Scotland, Lasky delivers a captivating story of heroism, loyalty and the courage to speak the truth.

Receiving a starred review from Kirkus Reviews stating "Draws readers deeply into a mystical world and leaves them wishing for more".

This is one to have on your reading list this year. 

The Witch, The Sword and the Cursed Knights by Alexandra Rogers

February 2022

Described by Kirkus Reviews as "An engaging and intelligent fantasy: up there with the best of them".This is a true fantasy novel. 

There are Knights, witches and fairy godmothers all at play here. The story draws on Arthurian legend while also adding its own style. The story's themes of courage, friendship, hope, and self-acceptance freshly resonate. 

Twelve-year-old Ellie can't help that she's a witch, the most hated member of society. Determined to prove her worth and eschew her heritage, Ellie applies to the Fairy Godmother Academy—her golden ticket to societal acceptance. But Ellie's dreams are squashed when she receives the dreaded draft letter to serve as a knight of King Arthur's legendary Round Table. She can get out of the draft—but only if she saves a lost cause.

An exciting adventure from begining to end. 

The Swallowtail Legacy : Wreck at Ada's Reef by Michael D. Biel

February 2022

Spanning across decades, this is an exciting contemporary mystery with a classic feel. Themes explore righting past wrongs, redefining family and finding yourself. 

The cover is enough to buy the book, but the story is also intriguing. 

Twelve-year-old Lark Heron-Finch is steeling herself to spend the summer on Swallowtail Island off the shores of Lake Erie. It's the first time that she and her sister will have seen the old house since their mum passed away. And while her stepfather and his boys are okay, the island's always been full of happy memories--and now everything is different.

When Nadine, a close family friend, tells Lark about a tragic boat accident that happened off the coast many years before, Lark's enthralled with the story. Nadine's working on a book about Dinah Purdy, Swallowtails's oldest resident who had a connection to the crash, and she's sure that the accident was not as it appeared. Impressed by Lark's keen eye, she hires her as her research assistant for the summer.

I hope you enjoyed our round-up. I would love to know what you think. Feel free to leave a comment or message me.

Happy reading,



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