Our Five Favourite New Books For September 2023

Our Five Favourite New Books For September 2023

 September is here, and with it comes a treasure trove of new children's books that beautifully capture the rich tapestry of Australian history and the vibrant voices of First Nation people. In this month's edition of our top 5 picks for new release children's books, we embark on a literary journey that celebrates the diverse cultures, traditions, and stories that have shaped this extraordinary land. These books offer young readers a chance to explore Australia's past, present, and future through the pages of captivating stories. Here they are (in no particular order) happy reading!

five favourite picture books  released in australia September 2023. Books featured are "Your Head is not a place to store problems" "We Know a Place""Our Country where history happened" "listen" and "Country Town"

1 Your Head Is Not The Place To Store Problems by Josh Pyke and Stephen Michael King, Scholastic Press, Age 4+

Through delightful animal characters like bears, dragons, and fish, 'Your Head’s Not the Place to Store Problems' skilfully conveys the importance of clearing one's mind of worries and emphasises sharing problems. This engaging narrative, authored by Josh Pyke and illustrated by Stephen Michael King, offers a much-needed perspective on mental health for young readers. This book is very reminiscent of Dr Seuss and is a fun way to help start essential conversations for children aged 4–8 about handling life's challenges.

2 Our Country Where History Happened by Marc Greenwood and illustrated by  Frané Lessac, Walker Books Australia, Age 7+

Explore Australia's rich history and its diverse locations in the second instalment of the OUR COUNTRY series. From ancient rock art to iconic events like the Eureka Stockade and Eddie Mabo's fight for land rights, this book takes readers on a journey through tens of thousands of years, highlighting the significant moments that have shaped the nation

3 Listen by Duncan Smith and Nicole Godwin, paintings by Jandamarra Cadd, Wild Dog Books, Age 4+

From the creators of 'We Are Australians' comes 'Listen,' a captivating picture book advocating for First Nations voices and truth-telling. With poetic language and stunning illustrations by Jandamarra Cadd, it fosters reflection and invites all readers to join the journey of reconciliation. A valuable resource for classrooms and families, it encourages listening, understanding, and respect for Australia's rich Indigenous heritage

4 Country Town by Isolde Martyn, Robyn Ridgeway and Louise Hogan, Ford Street Publishing  Age 9+

Explore the rich history of an Australian inland town across the decades, from its Indigenous roots to the present, in 'Country Town.' Co-authored by Isolde Martyn and Robyn Ridgeway, this educational book blends meticulous artwork with diverse perspectives, offering a relatable journey through Australia's past. Martyn, an accomplished author and academic, joins forces with Robyn, a dedicated Aboriginal Studies teacher, to create an engaging historical resource that encourages young readers and families to discover history in an enjoyable way.

5 We Know a Place by Maxine Beneba Clarke, Hachette, Age 3+

An enchanting tribute to the magic of bookshops, where stories come to life. Follow two young adventurers on their weekly journey to a special place filled with sneaky stories and boundless magic. Written and illustrated by Maxine Beneba Clarke, this delightful tale celebrates the joy of reading and the enchantment of community found within the walls of a beloved bookshop

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