Our July 2023 Book Picks Are Here

Our July 2023 Book Picks Are Here

We are excited to announce some exciting changes happening at Be Curious Books! As keen observers, you might have already noticed a shift in our focus. Going forward, we will be specialising in curating a remarkable collection of books available in the Australian market.

While we may not stock every book available, our primary objective remains steadfast: to connect readers with extraordinary books and foster a lifelong love of reading among children. We believe in the power of books to ignite curiosity and imagination, and we are dedicated to bringing you the very best.

To aid you in discovering fantastic new reads, we have a special treat in store for you. Starting this month, we will be sending out a curated list of our favourite new releases every month. These recommendations will serve as a guide, helping you explore captivating stories and engaging narratives.

We are delighted to present to you the inaugural edition of our brand-new Be Curious Books newsletter. Consider it your gateway to a world of literary wonders!

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you.


Picture Books 

1  The Lucky Shack by  Aspara Baldovino and Jennifer Falkner, Working Title Press 

A beautiful and heartfelt story about a little fisherman's shack. Touching on themes of place, time, and home. Available now, age 3+

 The Day You Were Born, Emma Bowd and Hilary Jean Taper, Affirm Press 

Emma Bowd and Hilary Jean Tapper present a delightful twist on the classic nursery rhyme, Monday's Child, crafting a universal love letter to children. Through their words, they celebrate the inherent uniqueness of each child and the radiant light they bring into our lives . Available 25th July 2023, age 3+

3  That Bird Has Arms by Kate and Jol Temple, Hardie Grant Children's Publishing.

A story about difference and identity and knowing what are your strengths and what sets you apart from others. Available now, age 3+

4  The Wheelbarrow Express by Sue Whiting, Walker Books Australia 

Depicts the love between a grandparent and child.Lots of wordplay and fun for very young kids . Available now, age 2+

5   Australia: Country of Colour by Jess Racklyeft, Affirm Press

A book celebrating the varied colours of our country. Racklyefts watercolours will have you picking up this book over and over. It is filled with lots of fun facts for the curious child. This would make a fantastic resource in the classroom. Available now, age 3+

6 Captain Thunderbolt's Recital by Jane Jolly and Liz Duthie, National Library of Australia

A unique step back into Australia's bushranging past. This delightful book merges music and history to tell the story of Captain Thunderbolt, Australia's 'gentleman bushranger'. Available now, age 3+

7  Alice's Shoe by Julie Thorndyke and Jennifer Harrison, MidnightSun Publishing

Tells the story of the childhood of Alice Betteridge, who became known as Australia's Helen Keller. Includes Braille and the DeafBlind Alphabet in the back of the book.  Available now, age 6+

8  Lily the Inventor by Claire Thompson, RedBack Publishing

At the young age of 7, Lily invented the Kangaroo Cup, a spill-proof cup that now aids thousands worldwide. With a mind brimming with creative ideas and inventions, Lily embarks on a mission to help her biggest hero, Grandpa, who has Parkinson's Disease, by creating her most significant invention yet: the Kangaroo Cup. A beautiful story from debut author- Claire Thompson. Available now, age 3+

 Mother Earth by Libby Hathorn and Christina Booth, Lothian Press

A collection of illustrated poems about nature and the environment from one of Australia's favourite authors. Available now, age 8+

10  Knock Knock by Catherine Meatheringham and Deb Hudson,Windy Hollow Books

A beautiful journey around the world. Did you know that a knock on the door is different in different countries? Who will you meet? A beautiful follow-up book to All Dog's Bark. Available now, age 2+

11  When You're A Boy by Blake Nuto, Affirm Press

When you're a boy, you are told how to be" A poetic exploration of what it means to be a boy. Available 25th July 2023, age 3+

Books for Upper Primary/ Middle Grade Readers

 The Perilous Promotion of Trilby Moffat, by Kate Temple, Lothian Children's Books

Having successfully restored the past, Trilby Moffat eagerly anticipates some relaxation with cake and a crossword puzzle. However, her respite is short-lived as she discovers that being the Time Keeper is an ongoing task, and the future holds perilous plans for her. Trilby finds herself on a secret island outside of time, in search of her missing mother, where she becomes the guest of honour at a strange festival. As she races against time to unveil the island's dark truth, her friendships and loyalty are put to the test. This is the second book in the Trilby Moffat series and the second Kate Temple book in our list.  Available 26th July 2023, age 8+

2  The Detective's Guide to Paris by Nicki Greenberg, Affirm Press

In 1920s Paris, Pepper Stark and her friends find themselves entangled in another mystery when an American tourist and a valuable Russian treasure vanish from their hotel. Determined to crack the case, Pepper faces competition from Georges Rème, a former thief turned detective, and must navigate a web of secrets and deception in her pursuit of the truth. This captivating return to the world of Nicki Greenberg's The Detective's Guide mysteries brings 1920s Paris to life with glamour, intrigue, and the thrill of sleuthing. Available now, age 8+

3  Picasso and the Greatest Show on Earth by Anna Fienberg, Allen and Unwin

In this sweetly moving novel, Frances navigates the challenges of starting anew in a different house, neighbourhood, and school while carrying a heartache from the past. When she befriends Kit, a talented artist with his own worries, they discover the power of friendship and the importance of confronting their secrets to find colour and wonder in their lives once more. A touching story of finding happiness amidst ordinary moments, beautifully crafted by the award-winning author of Borrowed Light. Available now, age 10 - 14

4  Meet Me at the Moon Tree by Shivaun Plozza, UQP

Meet Me at the Moon Tree is a tender and whimsical story that weaves science and magic together. Carina, driven by her love for moon trees and her longing to connect with her deceased father, embarks on a heartfelt journey through the enchanted Otway Ranges, where she discovers the power of friendship, family, and the mystical forces of nature that can reshape life after profound loss. Available now, age 8+

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