Intrigue Club September Book Reveal

Intrigue Club September Book Reveal


It is time for another 'book reveal' for this month. 

This time it is for the Intrigue Club (6-8-year-olds). There were so many great books to choose from this month and I struggled to get the choice down to one new release book. So much so that I have selected two new release books for this month because I thought both were amazing. 

The two books for this month are 'Kate on the Case' by Hannah Peck and 'Will Jakeman's Marvellous Mechanimals" by Nick Ward. Both books are a little bit out there. The characters are larger than life, there are villains, aliens, a tiger chef and loads of fun and adventure.  

If you choose an Intrigue club subscription for September, you will get one of these books as your 'new release' selection. If you have a preference please let me know in the 'gift message' section. 


'Kate on the Case' by Hannah Peck

This book is yet to be available in the Australian Market. It is due for release at the end of September. Intrigue Club subscribers are some of the first in the country to get their hands on this book.

Young reporter-in-training Kate and her mouse accomplice, Rupert are on board a train, to visit Kate's mum in the Arctic.

But as soon as the train departs, mysterious things start happening.

A packet of ginger nuts goes missing . . .

A collection of gymnastics trophies are stolen . . .

And some ancient scrolls disappear . . .

Fellow passenger Madame Maude seems the most likely culprit until a surprising and delicious twist turns the whole investigation on its head.

First in a witty two-colour chapter-book series about a bold young detective and a colourful cast of suspects, in a setting worthy of Agatha Christie.

'Will Jakeman's Marvellous Mechanimals' by Nick Ward

This book is published by Guppy Books, a small English publisher. It was not released into the wider Australian Market. 

Will Jakeman is an extraordinary inventor, perhaps the best there has ever been!

People come from far and wide to buy his 'Mechanimals' - incredible machines that come to life and perform all sorts of amazing tasks. For example, Steel-Skull the gorilla, perfect for dealing with bullies, and The Armoured Armadillo, a magnificent machine that can barge through most obstacles and is even armed with a gunge gun ... Learn all about Will Jakeman's childhood, the terrible fate of his parents, and discover whether the evil Ida Gripp ever gets her hands on his marvellous mechanimals ...

The illustrations and detailed drawings in this book are fantastic and there is space at the end of the book for kids to invent their own marvellous mechanimals. 

I hope all of your little people love reading this months Intrigue Club book selections.


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