'Home of the Wild' by Louise Greig - Explorer's Club Book Reveal

'Home of the Wild' by Louise Greig - Explorer's Club Book Reveal

"There is a boy who breathes the wild, who knows every rustle in the circling pines, who hears the sweep of every wing, and the quietest heartbeat on the wind." - 'Home of the Wild' by Louise Greig

This beautiful quote comes from 'Home of the Wild' by Louise Greig. It is our selection for the Explorer's Book Club this month. I would have to say this is one of my favourite picture books.

Published by Scottish publisher, Floris Books. 'Home of the Wild' is the story of a young boy who finds an abandoned fawn in the wild. He takes the fawn home and cares for her till she is strong enough to be returned home. He must learn to say goodbye to his dear friend as her home is in the wild. Then one day the boy is caught outside in a storm. He is scared and afraid but the fawn comes to his aid.


Louise Grieg is a multi-award-winning poet and author born in Scotland. Her prose in this story is atmospheric and lyrical. The opening lines of the story (above quote) echo throughout the narrative. It is a story of love, loss, and bravery. It demonstrates the enduring connection between humans and nature.

The illustrations are equally moody. Julia Moscado is a Spanish illustrator and visual artist. 'Home of the Wild' is in hardback format with a dust jacket. The lettering on the front is raised. It is a very special publication.

If you are looking for a picture book that has warmth, heart and emotion then this is it. All you need is a good Scottish accent to go with it. For the month of September 'Home of the Wild' is our selection for the Explorer's Book Club subscription. This book will be sent to you if you purchase either a 1 or 2 book subscription.

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