10 New Release Picture Books for 2022

10 New Release Picture Books for 2022

We are already in the second half of 2022, and book publishers are preparing worldwide to release all of their newest creations in time for Christmas. It is such an exciting time for booksellers to see what new books await us. But why should we have all the fun? I am going to share with you my favourite new release picture books for the remainder of 2022. Stay tuned for future blog posts for older readers. 

As with all Be Curious Book selections, most of the books I'm going to share with you may not be available in the mainstream Australian market or are still yet to arrive on our shores. However, I believe they are all outstanding publications. A lot of these books I will stock at Be Curious Books otherwise you can get them from the larger online retailers (you know who they are).

So let's get started!

Lizzy and the Cloud by The Fan Brothers (Eric Fan, Terry Fan)

May 03 2022, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers


The cover of Lizzy and the Cloud by the Fan Brothers, Eric Fan and Terry Fan. A young girl is pictured in a yellow raincoat holding a rain cloud on a piece of string

If you are lucky enough to be one of our Explorers Book Club subscribers, this book will be familiar to you. It is our current selection for July. As of yet, there is no release date for the mainstream Australian market.

Eric and Terry Fan are award-winning authors of "Ocean Meets Sky" and "The Night Gardner" and their most recent book "It Fell From The Sky." I am a huge fan of their work (do you see what I did there). But, all joking aside, the books produced by the Fan brothers are exquisite.

Lizzie is a young girl who buys a pet cloud. It's not very fashionable. She doesn't want a large one or a fancy one, just one for her. She soon finds Milo. She takes Milo out on walks with her family. She waters Milo on schedule, and she sees Milo grow and grow. But what happens when a pet cloud gets too big to handle. Lizzie must choose between her feelings and those of her pet cloud. Sometimes if you love something, you must set it free.

 The illustrations are in delicate shadings of grey with small pops of colour throughout. The story is set in an alternative world to comment on the real world.

Two Dogs by Ian Falconer 

 June 28 2022, Michael Di Capua Books  

A Picture of the front cover of Two Dogs by Ian Falconer .


Falconer is best known for the Olivia series of books. He is a Caldecott Honour winner and #1 New York Times bestselling creator. This is his latest picture book about two Daschund brothers, Augie and Perry, who are left home alone. What mischief could they possibly get into? A hilarious tale that is sure to have kids laughing out loud (at least I was). 

To all of our Explorer's Book Club subscribers, look out as this is coming your way in August. It will be available in the mainstream Australian market in November. It is not too late to sign up to receive your copy. 


A Gift for Nana by Lane Smith

July 19 2022, Random House 

Image of the front cover of a gift for nana. Shows a rabbit lying in the forest looking at a butterfly 

Lane Smith is a two-time Caldecott Honour author/illustrator. Her latest picture book is about a little rabbit who sets out to find the perfect gift for his Nana. AS he travels on his quest, Rabbit encounters an assortment of creatures and characters who offer advice. Will little Rabbit find what he is searching for?

A book to share with the grandparents. 


Patchwork by Matt de la Pena, illustrated by Corina Luyken.

August 30 2022, G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers, Penguin USA

Front cover of patchwork by Matt de la pena and illustrated by corinna Luyken. Picture of a girl with brown hair, brown eyes and brown skin with a patchwork of colours coming down onto her

From a Newbery Medal-winning author and a New York Times bestselling illustrator comes an ode to the complexity and uniqueness of every child. A young dancer may grow into a computer Coder; a basketball player might become a poet; a class clown me one-day serve as an inspiring teacher. A story that shows your path is still being written. Available in the mainstream Australian market in November. 

My Self, Your Self by Esmé Shapiro

September 27 2022, Tundra Books, Random House US


Front cover of the book My Self, Your Self

Due to be released in September 2022. However, it won't be available in the mainstream Australian market in 2023 (Don't worry, we plan to have copies sooner than that). 

This delightful book follows a loveable forest creature as they discover who "my" self is and what makes each person different and individual. This book does a beautiful job of explaining a rather tricky concept to children. It talks about "my" self as opposed to "your" self. Why we may enjoy the company of another person or why we may enjoy being by ourselves, it shows that spending time with another person is about enjoying what makes them unique in this world—a must-have book for your child's library.


The Twilight Library by Carmen Oliver, illustrated by Miren Asiain Lora

September 06 2022, Northsouth Books 

 Front cover of the twilight Library by Northsouth books

Due to be released in Australia on November 03 2022, Walker Books. This book is all about the illustrations. They depict a world where all the tiny creatures gather together every night to listen to the Night Librarian spin a tale of mystery. Fireflies, nighthawks, rats, mice and brightly coloured beetles make themselves comfortable on the forest floor as the Night Librarian takes them into the land of imagination. 

A beautiful bedtime lullaby for little children. This is a lovely picture book.


Farmhouse by Sophie Blackall  

August/ September 2022


Front cover of Farmhouse by Sophie Blackall. Illustration of an old white farmhouse with a black roof against a red sky. A young girl is running out the door in a red dress


Sophie Blackall is a Brooklyn-based Australian Artist. She is a two-time Caldecott medalist, and her books are incredible. "Farmhouse" is her latest offering to the picture book world.


 "Over a hill, at the end of a road, by a glittering stream that twists and turns stands a farmhouse."


A reimagine of the lives of twelve children who lived in a past time, long ago. The story moves with the rhythm of their day-to-day lives and describes the children's imaginings and dreams within this old farmhouse. 

Blackall reveals that this is an actual farmhouse and includes information about the family and photos of the house. A lovely way to introduce history and concepts of time to young children. 


The Last Rainbow Bird by Nora Brech, translated by Polly Lawson

September 22 2022, published by Floris books 

 Front cover of the last rainbow bird book by Nora Brech.  Picture of colourful birds surrounding a boat on a green sea against a red sunset 

"The river twisted and turned through the forest. Alex and Jo saw many extraordinary birds, but none were the Rainbow Bird."


Unless Jo and Alex find the last Rainbow Bird, its species will become extinct.

Journeying by riverboat through a spectacular forest, the children find many extraordinary birds, elegant Underwater Birds, glowing Lamp Birds and excitable Big-to-Little Birds, but will they find the last Rainbow Bird?

This vibrant picture book by award-winning author and illustrator Nora Brech is a riot of colour, imagination and wonder. Children will love the heartfelt, fun story which gently and imaginatively explores wildlife conservation—translated from Norwegian. "The Last Rainbow Bird" has been published in twelve languages. 


Mina Belongs Here by Sandra Niebuhr-Siebert 

September 15 2022, published by Floris books 

 Front cover of book Mina belongs here

Language education expert, Nieburr-Siebert, tells an uplifting story of Mina, a young girl who has moved to a new country. The only word she understands is her name. As her understanding steadily grows, Mina realises this new language now belongs to her. A vibrant and heartfelt exploration of a migrant experience.

This book will be available in Australia in December 2022

Need a House? Call Ms Mouse! by George Mendoza

November 01 2022, Allen and Unwin

 Front cover of Need a house? Call Ms Mouse by George Mendoza shows a mouse sketching at an architects desk surrounded by other images of houses and dwellings

I am so excited about this publication! This was my favourite picture book as a child. Originally published in 1981, it is now being reprinted and released to a new generation. I spent hours pouring over this picture book.

Henrietta Mouse is an architect, and she must design houses for all of her friends. So there is a house for the spider, lizard, worm, trout, caterpillar, and owl (plus many more). All suited to their individual needs. The level of detail in Doris Susan Smith's illustration allows readers to ponder over every page. I can not wait to see this again and share it with my kids. Check out this article to see more "Need a House? Call Ms Mouse"


What do you think? I can't wait to get my hands on these new titles.


Happy Reading,



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