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The Crown Heist by Deron Hicks (Hardcover)

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The Crown Heist by Deron Hicks (Hardcover)

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Why Should I Like It?

The Short Reason

Action-packed • Set in London's art world  • Fast-paced adventure

The Longer Reason

In another "suspenseful mystery romp with art appreciation" (Kirkus Reviews, starred review), Art and Camille head to London to find her estranged father, and soon find themselves embroiled in a heist involving a long-dead monarch. Packed with fascinating facts about real places and pieces of art, this fast-paced thriller is perfect for fans of the Spy School and Mr Limoncello's Library series and Dan Brown. 

No matter how dangerous his adventures have been, Art has always been able to count on his best friend, Camille. Now that Camille is meeting her estranged father, Art wants to be there for her--which means going to London.

But Camille's history professor father, renowned for expertise in British legend, is missing. When they visit his apartment, Art and Camille find a long-missing object that suggests the professor could be in trouble and solving a mystery related to London's history.

Follow Art and Camille as they visit the Tower of London, National Portrait Gallery, and ride the "tube" in hopes of uncovering the truth before it's too late.

Age: 8-12

Format: Hard Back

Publication date: 16 November 2021

Comes gift-wrapped