Top 9 Children's Books Released in October 2023

Top 9 Children's Books Released in October 2023

October brings a fresh wave of enchanting tales, and at Be Curious Books, we're excited to introduce you to our top picks! From magical adventures to heartwarming journeys, these new releases have captured our hearts, and we can't wait to share them with you. Dive into the wonderful world of storytelling with our favourite books for October

1 A Life Song by Jane Godwin and Anna Walker,  Puffin, Age 3 +

"A Life Song," written by Jane Godwin and illustrated by Anna Walker, is an enchanting and universal picture book created by the award-winning team behind beloved titles like "Don’t Forget," "All Through the Year," "Tilly," and "Starting School." This captivating book takes readers on a child's life journey, using the metaphor of a song that evolves and grows with them from birth, becoming an integral part of the world's beautiful and grand musical score.

2 Run Pups Run by Kerri Day and Nicky Johnston, Windy Hollow Books, Age 3 +

When a family ventures to the beach with their dogs, a lively summer day unfolds, filled with adventures like chasing a lost kite, surfing waves, building sandcastles, savouring ice cream, hiding from parents, and enduring an unexpected thunderstorm. 'Run Pups Run' is a rhyming, family-friendly adventure that celebrates the simple joys of childhood and the bond between kids and their dogs. 

3 These Little Feet by Hayley Rawsthorne and Briony Stewart, Allen and Unwin, Age 3+

Following in the footsteps of beloved classics such as 'Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes' and 'Kissed by the Moon,' 'These Little Feet' offers a heartwarming journey of love and aspirations for the future, making it an ideal gift for both newborns and new parents. The book's tender verses reflect on the limitless potential of these tiny, new feet—envisioning the adventures, dances, mountains climbed, and dreams pursued. Hayley Rawsthorne, the author based in Orange, NSW, beautifully captures the essence of childhood and parenting in this enchanting picture book, marking her debut in the world of children's literature.

4 Wollemi: Saving A Dinosaur Tree by Samantha Tidy and Rachel Gyan, CSIRO publishing, Age 6+

Hidden deep in the Blue Mountains lies an extraordinary ancient tree, the Wollemi pine, which has a lineage dating back 200 million years. Withstanding the test of time, it has survived ice, fire, and the passage of countless generations, but now faces a new threat from bushfires and eager admirers. 'Wollemi: Saving a Dinosaur Tree' delves into the unique and critically endangered status of this remarkable species, exploring the steps required to ensure its protection and maintain the secrecy of its location. Recommended for ages 6 to 9, this book introduces young readers to the importance of preserving this rare and beautiful tree.

5 Bertie and the Ginger Cat by Bex Parkin, Red Paper Kite Publishing Age 3+

In her meticulously organised world, Bertie and her well-behaved pets, Bluebird and Billy, suddenly face a life-altering challenge when her window unexpectedly swings open, leading Bertie to a journey of bravery, aided by her friends, as she learns to conquer fear and embrace her grand adventure.

6 This Book Is A Time Machine by Tracey Dembo and Lucinda Gifford, Affirm Press, Age 3+

Readers of all ages enjoy books that challenge conventions, and "This Book is a Time Machine" does just that by using playful techniques that disrupt time and space, breaking the 'fourth wall' as author Tracey Dembo and illustrator Lucinda Gifford narrate and become characters within the story. Together, they explore the past, present, and future through their creative process in constructing a book, and when a spaceship accidentally tears a page, creatures from different eras enter the scene. With imaginative illustrations and humour, this book invites contemplation and even ponders the future of AI in book creation.

7 Nightsong, Sally Soweol Han, UQP, Age 3+ 

In this heartwarming tale of discovery, young Lewis and his mother find themselves stranded on a tranquil country road after a bustling day in the noisy city when their bus breaks down, and as Lewis explores a nearby field, he learns that the natural world is brimming with wonders and music, teaching the joy of listening to the world around you.

8 Solomon Macaroni and the Vampire Vacation by Ashleigh Barton, UQP, Age 8+

Solomon Macaroni and his six mischievous cousins accompany Uncle Dracula on a trip to Paris, anticipating exquisite cuisine, stylish fashion, and captivating art, but an unusual behaviour in Uncle Dracula prompts them to devise a mischievous plan involving the Mona Lisa. However, their comedic heist leads to unintended chaos, with music-averse skeletons and vengeful gargoyles running amok, leaving Solomon and cousin Lucy to save Paris from eternal turmoil. This is the second book in the series

9 The Lonely Lighthouse of Elston Fright , Reece Carter, Allen and Unwin, Age 8+

Uncover a magical seaside adventure filled with danger, darkness, and a mysterious legacy in Elston-Fright. Flip Little, his nan, and his peculiar friends, including a ghost and a spider, believe in magic when Simon the spider is spider-napped by ancient weather ghouls. To rescue their friend, they must restore the lost magic to the lighthouse, but Elston-Fright holds dark secrets and deep questions that need answers to save its future. This is the second book in the series 

Hope you love these books as much as I do....stay tuned for November  



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